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How my holistic massage was born

How my holistic massage was born

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash


After I finished my Heilpraktikerin training in Germany I was looking for
more tools to work with in addition to Iridology, Reiki, Bach Flower essences, foot reflexology and Osteo-symbiosis and soon got interested in Kinesiology;. In the meantime we immigrated to New Zealand and I pursued my training here. Finishing the Kinesiology certification, I felt a bit
confused and overwhelmed by the magnitude of options and
responsibilities to actually practice what I had studied for more than 4 years by then.. I shied away from treating anyone. I felt I was still
not good enough...

My mother was visiting at that time from Germany and she was not feeling so well. I offered her a bit of TLC. What happened then was the version of the holistic massage I still use to this day.. It just poured out off me.

The beauty is that it is different for every person but does have a frame, a structure. It is something that treats the person as a whole.

Their body, mind, emotions and spirit.

"Your" holistic massage was born from the heart, with love, respect and empathy in mind.

Gloria Seaman