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Holistic healing therapies & Clinical hypnotherapy

Holistic Massage

This is a combination of relaxing massage strokes for the whole back, arms, hands, lower legs and feet with cranio- sacral techniques, reflexology and Reiki.


Kinesiology reaches beyond dealing with a disease. Energy balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice.


In Clinical hypnotherapy, the natural ability to go into a trance is used to bring about positive changes.


Foot reflexology can help with chronic and acute pain, with emotional and physical problems. Regular reflexology treatments enhance overall well-being.

Flower-essence Healing

This system of healing takes our fears, cares, anxieties and worries into the spotlight knowing them to be the cause for our illnesses.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese way of energy healing with hands. Reiki can be given for any kind of physical ailment as well as emotional issues and for aura cleansing.