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Holistic healing therapies

Balance For Life

At Balance for Life, we balance the energy that hold an individual back from achieving what they want to achieve.

To empower and inspire

We can help you to reduce, manage and deal with perceived stress. We can be the heart, ear and soul to listen and guide you.

To provide the answers that lie within you, to become aware of them, to walk away with knowing something you did not know before

"I want for people to connect with their strength and resources. Every human has the ability to heal. Witnessing someone walking out of my practice room feeling empowered and in a way whole again is my greatest pleasure."

- Gloria Seaman

How We Support You to Find Your Balance

With the help of kinesiology muscle testing, I listen to the muscle locks or unlocks of the client’s body to give me answers to what is needed for that person at that moment in time to help them achieve their goals.

This is a very unique and fascinating process. With the help of different techniques from hypnotherapy and Neuro linguistic programming to Flower essences and Reiki, I will draw on my skills and knowledge to use exactly what is “right” for them at that moment in time.

Benefits of finding your balance

We balance the energy (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual blockages) that hold an individual back from achieving what they want to achieve. This could be anything. A specific surrounding , a food, a belief, a trauma, a person (dead or alive) and all of the above and more

Why Choose Balance For Life

Balance For Life can solve the problem by addressing the obstacles ( most often not consciously known) and allowing you to master them step by step, experiencing that they are fine and that they have everything they need within them or can find ways to access them.

Gloria Seaman is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist, NLP-practitioner and Heilpraktikerin

Dipl.CAH and HPD(UK), Qualified Kinesiologist NZCK/ICPKP,PNLP, Hp(Germany)

Member with the National Council for Hypnotherapy /UK and National guild of Hypnotists/USA

My path to holistic healing has first of all taught me about myself and to understand how to take leadership of my own well-being. Coming from that strong foundation each day I am gr​ateful to be able to practice what I have learned and learn more each day.

Gloria Seaman - Balance For Life

During the treatment I feel so relaxed and I've come to look forward to my next one, as not only do I feel like I'm doing something nice for my body and mind, but I also relish the time out from being a busy working mother of my two children.
Lisa Barker
I have had the wonderful experience of receiving a holistic massage from Gloria, and it was an eye opening experience for me. I left feeling more centered and balanced.
Angie Friesen
Gloria has been a great help in my process to feel better about myself. She is a good guidance, a person that makes you feel good. All different sessions give me strength and lit my way.
Gloria is an extremely talented therapist who cares deeply about her clients and has both the empathy and professional skills to help people improve their lives. Any client would be lucky to have her working with them.
Ed Lester
The anchor of "Relax" is working really well for me. I used it just the other day at the dentists! Instant relaxation! It's a great idea, using anchors.
I recently had a holistic massage at Balance for Life and very quickly felt comfortable and in good hands with Gloria. She is clearly an extremely qualified therapist who is wonderful at what she does.
Gloria has helped me and my body enormously after serious back surgery. She has strengthened my body, relaxed my muscles and put my mind at peace. She is just “ wunderbar”.
Birgit Utech
I've spent years trying to achieve a sense of balance and calmness in my life and at the age of 40 I've finally found it. Gloria has strengthened and energised me.
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