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Weight Management Hypnotherapy Programme

$400.00 NZD $520.00 NZD

Hypnotherapy Programme

Weight Management Programme

A 2 month program for weight loss looks like this:

A Kinesiology meridian assessment is conducted before and after each session.

  • Session 1: History and goal setting, teaching self- hypnosis and training trances, task setting (90 min)
  • session 2: Evaluation, Ego strengthening and confidence building (60 min)
  • session 3: Holistic massage with hypnotherapy at the end (90 min)
  • Session 4: Evaluation* (Regression techniques if required) (60 min)

*More sessions may be needed - this will be discussed during your evaluation

*Each session on it's own normally costs $130, as a program only $400 payable in advance