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Hypnotherapy is not about giving up control, it is not sleep and it is not being unconscious. In Hypnotherapy the natural ability to go into a trance is used to bring about positive changes.

Some of the reasons our customers see us for hypnotherapy;
  • Wanting to quit smoking
  • Weight management
  • Anxiety, fear and phobias
  • Confidence and performance improvement

We offer individual session options, as well as programmes
Women standing outdoors with arms outstretched feeling better after hypnotherapy session
Woman in bed waking up feeling refresh and happy after a successful hypnotherapy programme
Save 23%
Happy Women wearing active wear feeling confident and happy following Hypnotherapy Weight Management Programme
Save 23%
Women showing Confidence in boardroom following Hypnotherapy Programme
Save 23%
Women with curly hair and orange shirt standing in kitchen holding hands to chest as feeling anxious
Save 23%
Close up on hands breaking a cigarette following quitting smoking after successful Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Programme