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Holistic massage

$130.00 NZD

Holistic massage

Holistic massage, meridians, Cranio Sacral therapy, Reiki, Kinesiology

This is a combination of relaxing massage strokes for the whole back, arms, hands, lower legs and feet with cranio- sacral techniques, reflexology and Reiki.

We offer a 90 min deeply relaxing and holistically balancing massage enjoyed by those looking for some relaxation - Some of the reasons our customers enjoy a Holistic Massage are if they are experiencing
  • Pain or tension
  • Feeling unbalanced, uncentered, out of sorts
  • Needing some me time or time for self
  • Pampering, TLC
  • Loving the foot reflexology/ massage
  • Loving the all inclusive holistic modalities offered
Refreshes • Relaxes • Holistically balances
90 min