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Foot-Reflexology - 45 min therapy session

$130.00 NZD

45 min therapy session


Foot Reflexology works on the energy path ways (meridians) through the body. Certain areas on the foot correspond to and are actual end or starting points of meridians which have a close relationship to specific organs. Pressure applied to specific areas on the foot will aid to an evaluation and reduction of energy blockages. Foot reflexology can help with;
  • chronic and acute pain
  • emotional and physical problems
  • enhance overall well-being

Your 45 min foot reflexology massage will include a flower essence and a guided meditation/visualization to balance any issue of the mind and soul as well. Your foot reflexology session can be an entirely relaxing 45 minutes, dozing off into a blissful nap or a reflexology healing experience with a guided meditation suiting your specific goals and issues established at the beginning of the session.

Enhance well-being • Healing • Balances
45 min