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4 little known ways to have fantastic energy

4 little known ways to have fantastic energy

Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

1- Hydrate.

Drink a big glass of water before you get out of bed. This helps to bring hydration into your body and in particular into the large intestines which have their peak performance time between 5am and 7am (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine/ 5 Elements Theory/ Acupuncture). If your body is hydrated, the colon does not have to absorb water from the bowel and therefore one can pass and get rid of any waste easier and smoother. This creates space (literally and metaphorically) for the NEW day!


2- Positive affirmations.

Find something positive to say in your mind or out loud.

I often just use:  “What a beautiful day! (Even if it is grey and raining).I am glad to be alive and I am glad to be me.” 

You will be amazed by the power of your thoughts and intentions. They can influence your whole day so use it in a positive way.

Ask yourself: What am I grateful about in my life, right now? What about that makes me feel grateful? How does that make me feel? Feel that in your heart.

Then take 3 deep breaths; energise in and exhale breathing through your heart and filling yourself with that feeling.


3- Bend.

Get out of bed and stand up to stretch your hands above your head as if to touch the sky. Breathe! Bend to the right, forming a half moon with your body and hold 3 sec then bend to the left hold 3 sec. Bend forward as far as you can and let your head hang loosely. Wiggle your head to say no and then wiggle to say yes. Good! Now, wiggle your hips as you bend your knees left right left right with your heels on the floor if you can. Chachacha! :-) 

Come back up slowly and put your hands on your hips to support your back as you look back with your eyes to do a little back-bend pushing your hips forward. Find a spot with your eyes on the sealing or back wall and hold for 3 sec or longer if you can. Keep breathing!

Good morning! This exercise would have stretched all your major energy pass ways (meridians) allowing energy (chi) to pass freely through your body.


4- Flower essence Therapy.

Think about this. Everything in existence has a vibrational energy. 

Flower essences work to bring about positive change to our own unique vibration. Flower essence remedies are wonderful for releasing old blocked emotions and blocked energy.

The flower essence Larch is a great example. It renews the belief in your own abilities and strengthens your courage to follow through. If you have problems with your spine, this flower helps with your posture, to feel "upright", strong and self-supported.

The flower essence Oak is great for those who are so-called "workaholics". It balances the energy to be more flexible and lenient with yourself but still strong and focused (like the Oak tree: strong yet flexible to sway in the wind able to bend, not break) therefore regaining energy to walk through daily challenges with grace, acceptance and endurance.

Gorse is another flower essence that brings energy and momentum into life. This particular flower helps if one has lost hope on some level and feels helpless and has given up. It brings hope and the energy to start anew.If you have trouble getting out of bed and are lacking energy, you would benefit from a remedy with these flower essences and possibly one or two more specific ones which can be established with a kinesiology muscle test.


Have a fantastic day. Namaste. Love and light.