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9 powerful ways to deal with perceived stress

9 powerful ways to deal with perceived stress

Photo by Göran Eidens on Unsplash

When you feel the symptoms of perceived stress- such as palpitations, an irritable bowel, insomnia, headaches, or loss of appetite- do something positive. You could use holistic massages on a more frequent basis and also consider the following measures:

1. Establish some healthy boundaries

Establish some healthy boundaries and learn to say" No' when you are taking on too many things to do any one good enough.

2. Exercise Regularly

If you work at a desk or have a sedentary lifestyle, getup and take some exercises regularly: walk or run up and down the stairs rather than taking the lift, so that your glucose and fat deposits mobilized by the stress hormones get used up by the physical movement rather than staying in the blood vessels and might cause arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure or heart disease.

3. Adopt deep breathing

Adopt deep breathing techniques throughout the day to calm the body and mind. For example breath in five counts, hold for five counts, then breath out five counts. Imagine the oxygen filling every part of your body and as you exhale imagine releasing negative stuff like a black cloud out of your mouth or nose. Creating space for that new inhale with fresh positive life energy, oxygen... always there, never ending supply!

4. Have a worry- box or worry-drawer!

Whenever you find yourself dwelling on a worry and there is nothing you can do or change to help the situation then write it down onto a piece of paper and put it away into the box or drawer. If you really need to you can come back to it. Empty the worry box every week by trowing the content away or burning it or what ever makes you feel like its completely gone.

5. Use a meaningful affirmation:

An affirmation is a form of auto-suggestion whereby you visualize a positive outcome, by creating a statement of something you want to happen in your body, your relationship or your life. A good example is: I make more time for myself and my loved ones. You need to make a mental image of this desirable state and say the statement to yourself every morning as you wake up and any time throughout the day. The more often you use the affirmation the more powerful it becomes.

6. Flower essences

Flower essences have the ability to influence your energetic vibration. We all are energy ; every single cell in us vibrates. Perceived stress has a negative effect on this subtle energy field getting us out of balance, feeling out of sorts and if ongoing can cause illness and disease. every person reacts different to possible stressors. What might cause one person to break out in sweat and palpitations can leave the other cool and collected; a skilled Flower essences specialist will find the exact flower remedy combination that will get you, back into balance.

7. Horizontal time!

During the day find a spot and 5 minutes :-) when you can lie down. Not to sleep but just to rest with your head and heart on one level. Set your timer(3min) close your eyes or mentally walk up a staircase with 20 steps. Imagine yourself walking up the steps and feel how with every step as you are walking up , you are getting more and more refreshed , re energized. Between every step pause and breath in deeply and out deeply. Tell yourself that as you reach the highest level ( the 20th step)you wake up with your eyes open completely replenished and energized and ready to continue with your day being successful, feeling great!( this is a self hypnosis technique and if you want more information please contact me.

8. Sleep well!

The Adrenal glands that are responsible for the production of adrenalin and cortisol (the so called "stress hormones") need recovery time. This recovery time has a beginning, a middle and an end and all phases are needed to be successful. You have to be in bed by 10 pm and stay for 8 hr minimum to allow for optimal recharge for those vital glands. Especially if you had a very demanding stressful time in your life. The best would be if you made this a routine.

9. A glass of water!

Yap, I am doing it! I am telling you again...:-) The oldest and simplest advise to help yourself is to be hydrated.