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Benefits of positive visualisations

Benefits of positive visualisations

Photo by Ihor Malytskyi on Unsplash


Evidence that visualisations can help healing is well documented. 

Creating an inner vision offers the mind major advantages:

Your muscles experience electrical impulses that correspond to the physical event you are imagining and neuromuscular templates are developed preparing you physiologically for the real thing. Which means, for example, if you are imagining yourself kicking the rugby ball exactly through the polls your brain will create muscle memory just as good as if you were actually doing it, with the added benefit of leaving the failure out of the equation, increasing confidence as well as efficient positive muscle memory.

Everything in life has started with a thought. We all talk to ourselves and imagine things. Unfortunately, most of these thoughts are not helpful, rather sabotaging or limiting us. "I am not good enough", “I am so stupid", " I could never do that", "It will never change", "Don't trust anyone". 

You might notice that these thoughts are not even your own, they might sound like voices from the past. It does not matter, you can change them and start practising useful, supportive, loving, respectful and empowering thoughts to fully live life, to help you fulfil your dreams and become the person you always wanted to be.

I have used visualisation before I even knew what they were called. I used them to memorise choreographies when I used to dance in fashion shows. I imagined myself doing the steps but also how I would do them, how it would feel in my body and how people would look at me and how I felt about that. I saw the colours, the clothes I was wearing and the smile on my face beaming with joy. 

I also used these visualisations to help me get confident to see clients. I do not know how many times I actually had virtual clients before I saw them for real. I used any opportunity to consult a person in my mind and what I could do for them and how happy and thankful they were to have found me and how much better they felt. I would see what I was wearing and my face smiling with fulfilment, I could hear the clients praise and the calming music I would be playing in my rooms, imagining my rooms to great detail. This has created my reality, the more I did it the less nervous I was about actually seeing clients as I already knew in my mind how it would be and what I would do. I know the power of the mind and I have learned to use it for myself and to teach others. Hypnotherapy has taught me another layer and more techniques to help clients to reach their desired goals. I deeply believe that we all have everything we need already, it is sometimes just not obvious to us, invisible, masked or blocked. NLP and Hypnotherapy can help to unblock, to highlight and strengthen your potential, it helps to exchange negative thoughts with empowering ones and allows you to control your life again.

You might have experienced times when you felt out of control, anxious and nervous without knowing why or what was happening to you. Hypnotherapy can teach you to control your stress response, to find calmness and to find confidence when you need it. When I see clients I meet them with unconditional positive regard, respect and empathy. I can feel their innate potential and I visualise them already being completely happy, healthy and fulfilled. This creates the space and energy to provide for positive and empowering changes in their life.

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