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Boosting your confidence - a script for self-hypnosis

Boosting your confidence - a script for self-hypnosis

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


First, identify your challenge. 

Do you have something that you feel insecure about, that you want to boost your confidence about? This might be an important conversation with a spouse or family member or even your boss. It might be a speech you have to give or a task you have to do, it might be a sports performance or meeting new people. Whatever it is, identify it now. As you come aware of your issue you can change it. If you do not identify it you can not change it. So take the time to note what it is that might be holding you back from feeling capable and confident. What triggers it, where and when you first encountered this feeling, anything your parents or friends said to you, any beliefs you might hold because of these comments or experiences? Now this is what you want to change.

Read through all of the following one or two times


...take a deep and satisfying inhale, hold it for one moment and let the air slowly escape through your nose or mouth. Do this three times each time allowing yourself to relax and calm your body twice as deep with every exhale, letting your muscles become loose and limp like a loose rubber band. Take time to travel through all of your body from toes up to your head or from your head down into your toes, it doesn't matter where you start… you just relax… and it doesn't matter where you relax first... 

Say to yourself: Any time I do this again I will get better at it and I will relax quicker, easier and deeper. 

Now allow your mind to float back to an event that you can be proud of... where you indeed have accomplished something that at first seemed impossible or far out… we all have had experiences like this before… allow your mind to wander to such an event… counting backwards from 5 to 1 and at the count of 1 you will be there… instantly. 

5… floating back, 

4… feeling relaxed and comfortable floating, 

3… almost there, 

2… feels so good to just float, 

1… be there!

As you are there, now… notice what you see, every colour, every shape, people around you, where are you? What are you wearing, shoes, pants/ dress...what are you hearing? Any sounds, music, voices? What are people around you saying? What are you saying to yourself? Notice how you feel... and let that positive feeling flood your whole body... let it expand, melt into every cell, every muscle, every tissue. Breath again and let the exhale take you even deeper… more intense, more vivid into that feeling! 

Now... let that positive emotion take you further back like floating back along an invisible timeline, magically drawn to the previous event before this event that is important for you to know… floating effortlessly and easily into another event, notice how well you are doing and how that feels… let that emotion flood through your whole body again but this time ten times more intense and deeper, notice everything, soak it up like a sponge, you are right in it… now let that feeling take you back one more time… floating high up and back, magically drawn to another event in the past... to another event an event where you felt good about yourself, pleased and even surprised at how well you did, take it all in again… what do you see, what do you hear, how do you feel?... You have surprised yourself many times in your life already, haven't you?  You have achieved something already which you might have forgotten about or just did not focus on because we tend to focus much more on all those things we do not have, that we have lost or failed at. Now congratulate yourself for achieving so much... 

Now gently float back towards the present, floating effortlessly just by yourself forward... drifting to a time in the future taking all the new insight and learning with you, taking look at  where you have indeed surprised yourself in the future… in your own and delightful way... where you have succeeded in something that you previously believed you could not do... Something that might have been challenging before but now is leaving you calm and at ease… as you have taken with you what you needed and surprised yourself and others... Feel what it feels like in your body, see what you can see around you. People? colours, furniture, nature, make it really vivid, intense and bright. Hear what you can hear as people might congratulate you, or comment in a positive way. You might even smell something pleasant and specific for you that is in connection with your success and feeling confident and good about yourself. You might be wearing a specific outfit… notice and intensify everything that is happening.

You have a choice now, you can take a gift with you into the future: 

You can take a picture of your most intense experience of the successful event with you and keep it in your heart; where anytime you need to see it, it will be there for you to remember and you will remember everything instantly

or you can turn the deepest sensation of the event into a scent, a perfume which anytime you smell it, it will instantly trigger your deep feelings of confidence again. 

or you can give the deepest and most profound feeling of the successful events a name and any time you say the name in your mind you will feel it again, just as deep and profound in your whole body.

You are already creating a new you... surprising yourself with new delightful ways of creating success and confidence... the new you… and any time you do this visualisation / self hypnosis again you will be better at it and you will go deeper, finding more achievements and successes in your life… you will relax and feel better in every way each time you use this exercise, as it is the nature of human beings to get better with practice… and you can open your eyes as soon as your subconscious mind has absorbed all the new learning and saved it for all future events. As you open your eyes feeling refreshed and energised.  

Love and light